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Here are the results of the BioBlitz for Peter's Woods, the Pelton property and the Schultz property:

Combined TaxaBird ListHerbaceous PlantsFungi ListWoody PlantsPW Schultz MothsPW Schultz InvertsMammal ListPW Schultz ButterfliesHerp ListSchultz OdontsSchultz AquaticsPW TaxaPW BirdsPW Woody PlantsPW FungiPW MammalsPW HerpsPW Schultz Herb PlantsPelton TaxaPelton BirdsPelton FungiPelton MammalsPelton Herb PlantsPelton HerpsSchultz TaxaSchultz BirdSchultz MammalsSchultz HerpsSchultz Woody PlantsSchultz Fungi